Our Original shots......

This special feature is designed to raise a smile and cause us to feel those warm feelings of the way we were! 

Thanks to Barney Stinnent for the concept of this feature! 

Click the "Blast" logo above to see our special "2005 Graduation Edition!"

The next two "Blast From The Past" photos are "real performers!"   Look at all the entertaining moments at the White House!  (...and are those Bears?)

Click here to see photos of some OHBC couples "the way they were"- anniversary style!

Here are more submissions...do you remember? 

 Blast from the past!  (Thanks to Jack Flint!)


What memories do these church members have from this gathering at the OHBC Parsonage (the White House)  one evening circa December, 1988? 

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We need your memories to share with our church family.  E-mail us your photos and tell us the story behind them by clicking on the link below!


2004-05  -Oak Hill Baptist Church