History of Oak Hill, West Virginia

"...Until 1858, the people living at Oak Hill had Fayetteville as their post office.  As yet the settlement had no name.  In 1859 a post office was opened at the present village of Hill Top.  The post office was called "Oak Hill" from the circumstance that it was located on a hill and was surrounded by spreading white oak trees.  Shortly after (the Battle of) Appomattox this post office was moved to the present city of Oak Hill because of the growth of the community.  Under the removal of the post office here the growing village took the name of the post office, or Oak Hill.  The name stuck and such it has remained until this day."                                      

---From pages 12-13- The History of Oak Hill, W.Va. by Shirley Donnelly, 1953

..."Oak Hill was settled by William Blake in 1820.  The name of the town was first used to designate a post office which stood near what is now known as Hill Top.  The post office was moved after a short time to the present site of Oak hill, and its name retained.  The town has a population of approximately 3000 (in 1929.)  It was chartered in 1905 under Chapter Forty-seven of the WV State Code."

 The West Virginia Encyclopedia,  -Phil Conley  1929 via OH Mayor W. R. Hayes-1929

Oak Hill-Fayette County  Zip Code 25901    Magisterial District- Plateau

"Incorporated in 1905.  So named on account of the location under a spreading white oak tree at nearby Hill Top, the first post office built in the community, the name being suggested by the association of the oak tree with the fact that the town is located on a hill."     

----West Virginia Blue Book (Series-yrs)

....Oak Hill was first incorporated as a town on February 25, 1903.

The first election was held on March 27, 1903, and J.H. Duncan was elected as the first mayor of the newly incorporated municipality.  Other officials elected were:  S. E. Duncan, recorder;  H. C. McLain, J. S. Lewis, C. E. Duncan, Ben Ogden, and S. F. Blake, councilmen.  W. H. Duncan, treasurer;  S. Z. Fitzgerald, sergeant.  The election commissioners were:  A. G. Sevy, R. R. Thomas, and C. B. Mahood.

--From page 56 -The History of Oak Hill, W.Va. by Shirley Donnelly, 1953

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